Monthly Archive: July, 2012


It was quite raining. I think they didn’t mind where to get wet: in the rain or in the grand canal.

Let’s read

Let’s read and don’t be bored.

Up the stairs

Whenever you go up to stairs, have a look up the stairs.

York – but not the New one

This railway station was one of the greatest at the time when it was built. In my opinion it is still very impressive.

Just the bridge

Just the bridge – I was quite lucky as there was nobody on this bridge as I was taking the picture. Who knows, maybe everybody were having their pint at that time 😉


Oh yes, sometimes a flower or even a petal is more than enough to decorate a house.

See you on the other side

Dublin offers féerie of different doors. You may be really enchanted by this.


Does jigsaw have anything in common with jig and saw? 😉

You! Young, brave man…

Hey, you, young and brave man! Don’t mind the sadness and fear, ’cause surely on this sand in roughly 30 years  will be strong and high…    

In bloom

Nature is always trying to show its position. No matter if you build a house or even cover all the ground with tiles.

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