Monthly Archive: August, 2012

The good old days of the Dublin Docks are gone

Broken lock in Dublin sounds like an echo of the Celtic Tiger that stopped roaring.

Sunny-rainy Thursday

It was a bit of everything for everyone, a little rain in the sunshine.

Let’s sail

It’s just after the weekend, when the Tall Ship Races in Dublin were organised. Lot’s of people, ships and ropes.

Have a sit

It’s time to relax. Have a sit and think where you’re going.

The winner takes it all

oh well, probably yes, but it depends how fair you play.

Not too much rush at the airport

Some people are not in a hurry at the airport.

Old city

Old district of Bielsko-Biala.

Minimalism II

Another minimalistic picture – it’s a bit less minimalistic than the previous, however you can still find very basic objects.

Freshly washed

The best way to dry your freshly washed clothes is to hang them outside – however not outside the window.

Up the stairs

…in the Christmas mood. Well it was almost the end of August, but the Christmas tree was in the middle of this staircase.

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