Monthly Archive: September, 2012


Who knows, maybe that is the gate to eternal life. Nobody can say that. It’s impossible to prove it.

How do you rate the morning sun

in the coffee shop with your best friend?

Bent over row

again the same bridge. There are plenty of different point of views. I wonder what would be yours if you were asked to take a picture of it.

All the leaves are brown(ish)

and the sky is even more grey than before. Indeed, the autumn has come. In fact I feel as if it has never gone before.

Colours matching

I wonder if the stickers are in different colours, depending on the door.

Haribo macht Kinder froh…

Octoberfest in Dublin is not only about drinking beer. They also care about your little ones.

…give me your hand

Feel its coldness, relieve the pain.

Tales from the promised land

Once upon a time there was a house between Inse Chór and Droimneach. Dreams of the inhabitants has never come true, but they are still fighting and believe to find their Eden.


Teddy bear

hm, just an ordinary window. The same as hundreds of similar windows in the area.

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