Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Hey spring – wake up!

Even if it’s not too warm, the nature has decided to show its power and wake up.

Kind of management

The more we sort, the cleaner we are.

To the pub

Even the smallest streets in Dublin have their pub šŸ˜‰

Down the railing


In the middle

Just my plant.

Waiting for the light

This weekend is definitely not from your dreams, unless you are dreaming of clouds, rain, coldness. If that was in your head, here we go, enjoy. I was trying to catch some light… Continue reading

…so the weekend begins.

I think the weather in Ireland knows when the weekend begins. What a lovely evening šŸ˜‰


Wanna get wigged someone?

Never-ending shopping

Follow the path, enter the shop, follow the sales, empty your wallet


“There you are, in a darkened room, and you’re all alone, looking out the window. (…) Nobody wants to be lonely.”

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