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See the written world

Methinks I see (…) Where (…)? In my mind’s eye. William Shakespeare “Hamlet”  


I was trying to make this picture to look as bit like painted. How do you find it?

In the country

Today’s trip was not too long, but landscapes were amazing – as usual.

Have you got your favourite?

Have you got some strange habits like sitting in the same place on the bus/tram/train? Some people follow the same route every day while going to work or even get ready for work… Continue reading

After the Saturday shopping

Hurry, hurry, it’s almost evening. It was long day in town, wandering and sometimes (window)shopping.

Creepy and scary

Creepy and scary, cold and windy, brrr. Have you been outside today? I couldn’t change lenses in my camera. It was terribly cold.

I want to ride it

It was quite hilarious, when I was taking this picture.  While measuring the image, the owner of the bike came and she even hasn’t noticed me. I was only ten feet away from her. I… Continue reading

Waiting for the light

This weekend is definitely not from your dreams, unless you are dreaming of clouds, rain, coldness. If that was in your head, here we go, enjoy. I was trying to catch some light… Continue reading

In the park

Moody, cold, dark, dump, thrilling and whatever you can imagine.

…in the morning

Colder mornings, shorter days. You can easily wake up not too early to see the sunrise. Those are some of the (dis)advantages of the coming winter.

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