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Only organic

My last day in India. It’s time to have some good food before the long journey, back home.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

Saturday morning, how about buying some flowers?


Who’s there looking at me? It is better to stay at home when the sun is shining on the desert.

Heavenly blue

That’s how you may feel while visiting Jodhpur. However the reason for the colour is not sure. Either to mark the Brahmins cast or to fend the houses of mosquitoes.

Cut, fold and sew together

There are plenty of craftsmen in India. Widely known shops are not as common as specialized shops. The country is popular for its high quality textiles.

(Dis)advantages of breastfeeding

Kids are energetic that you need to hold your baby tight so that it wouldn’t go too far, especially when you feed with your breast. This might be painful.

Up and down

Unfortunately you cannot climb the stairs, however you can adjust your watch with the accuracy to two seconds.

Chasing goat

Probably getting ready for the coming Eid al-Adha. It is good to have a walk through the town early in the morning.

At the crown of palaces

So many people, as tiny as ants, trying to get inside. Everyone wants to see its jewels.


Another one is passing. Relax, if not today, maybe tomorrow your catch the right one.

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