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Stairs may be challenging. Everything depends on the number of steps 😉

Cosy interiors

Feeling relaxed, no worries, no stress…

Knock, knock

Just walking in Dublin.

Too narrow

If you visit Stockholm, you need to go to Gamla Stan. It’s an old part of the city.

On the bus

What a weather. It was really hard to go out. What a rain. The best way was to take a bus and look out of the steamy windows.  

A bit of geometry

Have a look on the city from the lower perspective.

New logo from Redmont

Would you like to have a logo like this? 😉


Oh yes, sometimes a flower or even a petal is more than enough to decorate a house.

See you on the other side

Dublin offers féerie of different doors. You may be really enchanted by this.


Does jigsaw have anything in common with jig and saw? 😉

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