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Behind the bars

It is not too optimistic to live behind the bars. Fortunately not all the bars limit your freedom.  


Who’s there looking at me? It is better to stay at home when the sun is shining on the desert.

Getting ready for Friday night

Cut, blow dry, shaving, hot towel and only God knows what else. It is easy to compare it with arms race. Everyone is heading for clubs or pubs and tries to look gorgeous… Continue reading

Teddy bear

hm, just an ordinary window. The same as hundreds of similar windows in the area.


Oh yes, sometimes a flower or even a petal is more than enough to decorate a house.

See you on the other side

Dublin offers féerie of different doors. You may be really enchanted by this.


Does jigsaw have anything in common with jig and saw? 😉

Following Johnny Depp?

Has it ever happened to you that you mixed up a person with somebody else? It may be hilarious if you start a conversation. However it may be beginning of a new acquaintance.

Italian job

Middle of the week in an Italian place in Dublin – good choice. It’s a good prelude to the weekend. I know, there are still two days ahead, but who cares.  Why not… Continue reading

I see skies of blue and clouds of white…

Oh yes, I wish to see them today. Burning the midnight oil at the desk almost prevented me from taking the picture today. Having dilemma on where to go or where to look… Continue reading

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