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Urban hills

Down the hills, to the valleys of the city.

Frozen drops

Some other Xmas decorations in the city.

Shining city

Cities and towns try to brighten their squares with the decorations as well.

Christmas tree

It used to be a pagan decoration where an evergreen tree was a symbol of eternal life.

Breaking time

Christmas Eve is the time of wafer breaking.


On a cold and snowy Sunday morning on December 13, 1981 the Poles woke up to find their country under Martial Law (literally – The State of War or “stan wojenny”).  The Martial… Continue reading

Not too much rush at the airport

Some people are not in a hurry at the airport.

Old city

Old district of Bielsko-Biala.

Minimalism II

Another minimalistic picture – it’s a bit less minimalistic than the previous, however you can still find very basic objects.

Freshly washed

The best way to dry your freshly washed clothes is to hang them outside – however not outside the window.

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