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That place is more like a cementery of the forgotten bikes.

Mind your bike

In Stockholm – well, I don’t think you need to mind your bike. The city is really safe.


Sometimes we don’t need anything precious or that used to be precious to us.

I want to ride it

It was quite hilarious, when I was taking this picture.  While measuring the image, the owner of the bike came and she even hasn’t noticed me. I was only ten feet away from her. I… Continue reading


I wonder who was so brave today to cycle in such a cold weather.

In-spire in the land of the spire

Have a ride in the land of dreams. Inspire yourself.

Hurry, hurry

In some parts of Dublin you need to hurry.

Not enough security

Oh well, for many Dubliners, there is never enough security to protect their bikes.

Lonely bikes ;)

Lot’s of bikes are waiting for their owners in every corner of Amsterdam.

Where’s my bike?

Trying to find your bicycle in Amsterdam is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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