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Enjoy the nature – 10

So we start counting down till the end of my 365 project. 10th picture till the end. I had a walk from Saggart to I don’t know where. If you ask me I’ll… Continue reading

Twist the air

To be honest with you – I have no idea what’s that. Maybe you will help me 🙂 You can find it in Smithfield (Dublin).

A bit of geometry

Have a look on the city from the lower perspective.

Go through the roofs

Steel and glass, reach the sky.

Another starry night

Well, one thing is sure, I need to train a bit taking pictures at night, when it’s hard to set an automatic focus. Would you have some hints for me – a piece… Continue reading

How about travelling in stars?

Greetings for my friend WP, who suggested me taking this picture tonight.


I feel like trapped. All the walls of steel and glass are surrounding me. I dream of the sound of the sea, blue sky and white clouds.  I long for the weekend.

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