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Ambition and aspiration

Yup, Treasury has some. Keep fingers crossed for them.

Get out

Doesn’t look clean.

New logo from Redmont

Would you like to have a logo like this? 😉

Remains after rainy days

If the wind is too strong and your umbrella is not good quality, you can leave its remains in the bin rather than on the street.

Another brick

Another brick, another wall, another limitation. The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

Behind the bars

It is not too optimistic to live behind the bars. Fortunately not all the bars limit your freedom.  

Painted with light

Have a walk in the evening and search for the light.

Heavenly blue

That’s how you may feel while visiting Jodhpur. However the reason for the colour is not sure. Either to mark the Brahmins cast or to fend the houses of mosquitoes.

Urban fort

Mazes surrounded by glass and steel. Don’t give up and escape from them. Never forget that there is an exit in every maze.


I wonder how your imagination is going to guide you. Can you see road, wall, crucifix, cuboids or something else?

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