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Do you like diving?

Have a look through the window.

Open the door

Imagine, that place is in the city centre of Dublin. Impossible, that so many properties wait for their collapse.

Steamy windows

Even if outside it is freezing, you can be sure that in Stockholm you’re not getting cold, unless you are outside.

On the bus

What a weather. It was really hard to go out. What a rain. The best way was to take a bus and look out of the steamy windows.  

“Saturday night and I like the way you move”

Mind your step while trying to move on Saturday night 😉 By the way, do you remember that Whigfield’s song?

A bit of geometry

Have a look on the city from the lower perspective.

In-spire in the land of the spire

Have a ride in the land of dreams. Inspire yourself.

Wrong turn

You never know what will happen after your next step.


Staying overtime is one of the worst things you could do at work, especially if it’s not paid.


Lazy, Saturday morning.

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